The Basement Sanctuary

Selecting a
Basement Finishing Company

Over the last 15 years of business, we have heard and seen it all regarding general contractors. We have heard horror stories about contractors taking advantage of homeowners.  We have seen contractors that over-promise and under-deliver. Which, unfortunately, causes homeowners to hesitate to build their dream home or dream basement for fear of picking the wrong company to do the job. At The Basement Sanctuary, we have everyone’s best interest at heart, so we have compiled a list of essential items for finding a contractor that will best fit you and your project. When selecting a contractor for a home project, it is crucial that you do your research.


Licensed – Every City or County has requirements for contractors to be able to operate or conduct business. In addition, every city requires several documents to be updated each year. This includes Liability Insurance Certificates, Work Comp Certificates, ICC National building testing, etc. These documents are required for all general contractors, including plumbing, mechanical, and electrical subcontractors.

Insured – We recommend you select an insured general contractor, including liability, work comp, medical, and auto insurance. This provided extra protection for companies and customers in case an accident happened inside your home.

Longevity – A contractor with longevity in the business indicates they have proven quality work, professionalism, and many happy customers.

Referrals – Nothing is more reliable than hearing directly from a trusted source their opinion and experience with any company, especially those working in your home. Platforms like Google reviews and neighborhood websites are a great way to hear about your community.

Facility – A place of operation ensures that the company is not going anywhere and can be easily located. Many contractors work out of their trucks which is a riskier operation.

Showrooms – Contractors with an in-house showroom, who can show you the materials included in the quote, are essential. It is the best way to understand what you are paying for before committing to that company. Contractors who do not have these materials to show you beforehand are most likely budgeting for lower-end materials. Or contractors rely on homeowners to go to several supply stores to find each material, only to find they will spend more money than is budgeted.

Basement Finishing Company Arvada

Social Media – Social media is an excellent company research method. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are ideal for keeping up with recent projects being completed. Reviewing photos shows the quality of the work.

Going above and beyond – At the end of the day, contractors should work to earn your business and make each job as important as the last. It does not matter if the job is $10,000 or $1,000,000. Providing visual renderings, material specs, cost breakdowns, and proof of work. These extra things are tools used to earn your business.

The Basement Sanctuary meets all the recommendations above. We are licensed and insured. We have countless combined years of experience and hundreds of referrals and references to pull from. We have an in-house showroom at two locations, one in Arvada and one in Centennial. In addition, we go above and beyond for each customer. We will be the first to tell you to meet and get quotes from a few companies and compare pricing, layout, design, timing, and procedures to ensure you are confident with your decision.